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Megaco/H.248 protocol stack in Erlang/OTP

Megaco/H.248 is a protocol for control of elements in a physically decomposed multimedia gateway, enabling separation of call control from media conversion. A Media Gateway Controller (MGC) controls one or more Media Gateways (MG).

The Megaco application in Erlang/OTP supplies a framework for building gateways and controllers on top of the Megaco/H.248 protocol stack. It is included in the Erlang/OTP distribution, but newer versions can also be downloaded separately.
Megaco/H.248 architecture in Erlang/OTP

Some key features:

  • carrier-class - high availability, process supervision, soft code upgrade etc.
  • scalable - distributed implementation with ability to distribute an MG or MGC over several Erlang nodes.
  • flexible architecture - dynamic run-time configuration in order to select encoding methods, transport mechanisms, timers etc.
  • implemented in Erlang - implying short lead times, automatic memory management, byte code portability, native support for distributed massive concurrency etc. etc.

Please, go ahead and read the on-line documentation right now!

Last updated   2008-02-07 12:02 UTC