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English translation of the Erlang Public License legal text

Please note that the text below is intended to help you to understand the legal text. The legal text is the license, so if you have any doubts, refer to the legal text.

2.1, 2.2: You can use, copy, sub license and distribute Open Source Erlang from Ericsson and parts contributed by others, without cost and on a non exclusive basis. We don't take any responsibility for any 3rd part IPR claims that may turn up.

3.1: If you distribute Open Source Erlang you have to include the license agreement and not add anything which restricts the people to whom you distribute Erlang.

3.2: Modifications which you contribute must be available as Source Code and be available for 12 months (or six months if a new version becomes available).

3.3 If you modify any Covered Code, you have to tell us what you have modified, when you did it, and credit us for the Original Code.

3.4: If there are some legalities e.g. you think you may be using someone else's or your own IPR in code you submit, you must add a file called LEGAL to what you contribute and tell us all about it.

3.5: You must put the copyright notice specified in Exhibit A in all files you contribute. If you can not insert the copyright notice, insert a pointer to a file containing it. If you make any guarantees or offer any support any part of Erlang, you're on your own.

3.6: If you distribute binary files only, you must tell people where they can get the source code. If you make your own license agreement, you must comply with this license anyway and if you offer anything extra in such a license, you're on your own.

3.7 If you use Covered Code in a larger work, fine, but the Covered Code is still governed by the terms of this license.

4: If there are laws that prevent you from following this license, you should follow this license anyway as far as you can. Describe any restrictions that these laws imply in the LEGAL file.

5: This license applied to all Erlang code that is covered by the Erlang copyright notice.

6. This is a modification of the Mozilla license.

7. We are not giving you any guarantees. If Erlang doesn't work or it causes you damage in any way, tough luck!

8. If you don't comply with the terms of this license, your rights under it lapse in 30 days. Any sublicenses are still covered by this license.

9: We aren't responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by this code.

10. This is the whole license. Any disagreements are settled under Swedish law in English.

Exhibit A - copyright notice to include in source files and documentation.

Last updated   2010-11-29 13:15 UTC