Board - a game to roll a ball on a board on the screen

To start the program from Erlang give the command board:start().

The board is a yellow square with blue rectangles which are obstacles and black rectangles which are holes. The ball is red and appears in the upper right corner. It is to be rolled over the board down to the lower left corner. This is done by "tilting" the board with the mouse. Moving the cursor to the upper, right, left or lower part of the board will "tilt" the board in that direction and cause the ball to roll. To help visualise this a line is drawn from the middle of the board to the cursor.

The ball will bounce on the obstacles and the edges of the board and might also "fall" down into one of the holes. If you get the ball to the winning position you win and a new ball is started from the starting position. Likewise if the ball falls into one of the holes you loose and a new ball is started. There are counters at the lower edge showing how you get on.

You can also create your own board by pressing the "New board" button. This clears the board and new holes and obstacles can be drawn using the mouse. Use the left mouse button for obstacles and the right mouse button for holes. Press the button at one corner, move the cursor and release the button. Too small figures and overlaps between holes, obstacles, start and finishing positions are not possible. When the board is finished press the "Game" button to start.

Boards can also be edited. Drawing the cursor into a figure and pressing "Delete" will remove it. By drawing the cursor into a figure and pressing a mouse button, the upper left or lower right corner will be caught and can be drawn to a new position. By using different mouse buttons a figure can be changed from obstacle to hole or vice versa.

In play pressing the "Edit board" button will let you edit the present board. Thus it is easy to move between drawing a board and trying playing games on it. You can even edit the original board or return to it by pressing the "Orig board" button.

Boards can also be saved and retrieved using the "Save", "Save as" and "Open" buttons. "Save as" will present a list box with file names and a text field where you can enter the new name. "Open" will present a listbox with available board files. "Save" will use the last file name and the default file name is board_save. File names can only consist of numerals, letters and underscore. They will automatically get .board as an extension.

In this way you can refine your favourite roll boards !

Have fun !